Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dans Spring Training Report

Wow!   There are a lot of Dans participating in 2013 spring training!    Just a quick count at 30 to 35 at all levels.   In MLB camps are - Chris McGinnis (Cleveland), Zach Walters (Nationals), Ryan Schimpf (Blue Jays), Dan Black (White Sox, AJ Griffin (Oakland), Louis Coleman (Royals), Mitch Moreland (Texas), Neil Schenk (Tampa Bay), Danny Worth (Detroit), Chris Coghlan (Marlins), Matt Daley (Yankees), Randy Ruiz (White Sox), and Jon Papelbon (Phlliadelphia).  13 Dans!  Some of these alumni have already made major league clubs.   Others are minor league players on the way up.  Being invited to the Major League camp for spring training does not insure you will begin the season with the major league club, but it does provide a chance to continue upward movement, and to make a statement.

I recently returned from watching a few spring training games in the Sarasota area and had a chance to watch several play.   A special treat to see Ryan Schimpf play left field for the Blue Jays at Baltimore's home stadium.   I didn't realize he was in the MLB camp, so when he came to the plate (yes he got a base hit!) it was a great surprise.   We had a few minutes to visit after the game and he sends a big hello to his host family and friends here in Danville.

Dans open at home on May 30th against the Quincy Gems!

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