Monday, May 17, 2010


Collectively, the Marlins have had 1,310 at-bats in 38 games.

Perhaps none was bigger than Chris Coghlan's three-run homer off Fernando Nieve in the seventh inning on Sunday afternoon. (Note: Coghlan, 2009 National League Rookie of the Year is a 2004 Danville Dan alumni)
Over the course of the season, there may have been bigger results on a hit. But no single at-bat was constructed better, according to Marlins teammate Cody Ross.

Coghlan's pinch-hit home run capped a 12-pitch showdown with the hard-throwing New York reliever. At the time, New York trimmed a seven-run deficit to one. The Marlins went on to win, 10-8, completing their first-ever four-game sweep of the Mets in Miami.

"For me, it was the best at-bat of the year, from anybody," said Ross, who had a four-hit game, and was on first when the ball cleared the wall in center field. "It was amazing to come up there and foul off so many pitches, and to keep battling. And to stay within himself."

Coghlan remarkably fouled off seven straight pitches after the count was 1-2. The 11th pitch was a slider in the dirt for ball three.

With the count full, Coghlan unloaded on a 95 mph fastball.

"The fact that he was able to take 2-2 and be able to go to 3-2 is impressive," Ross said. "As a hitter, you tend to get caught up in swing mode, where you are fouling pitches off, fouling pitches off. It seems like everything they throwing, you're swinging at, because you're trying to protect.

"He threw a changeup and [Coghlan] took it. That was a big pitch right there."

Off the bat, it was unclear if the ball would have the distance. In fact, Ross said he was heading back to first base to tag up. But the ball was well hit, and it landed on the blue targ in straight away center.

Mets center fielder Angel Pagan's reaction indicated the ball was gone.

"Once I saw Pagan turn his back and start jogging, I was thinking, 'He really got that ball good.' I was actually going to go back and tag at first, and go to second," Ross said. "Once I realized he didn't have a chance, I was like, 'Wow!' "

Coghlan was pinch-hitting for Brett Carroll.

"I know it was a big at-bat for the team, after the Mets had come back and made it close," Coghlan said. "To come off the bench and put the game out of reach, that's pretty much what you try to do when you come off the bench."

-- Joe Frisaro

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