Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Seven Dans were drafted in day 1 and 2 of the 2009 Major League Baseball Draft.

Dans alumni Louis Coleman (2006-LSU) was drafted by Kansas City and teammate Ryan Schimpf (2007-LSU))by the Toronto Blue Jays, both in the 5th round. Schimpf and Coleman are currently headed to Omaha to particpate in the College World Series, which begins June 13.

Dan David Born (2006- Long Beach) & Evan Button (2006-Ole Miss) were drafted in the 22nd round. Born by Colorado and Button by Arizona.

Chris McGinnis (2007-Citadel) was drafted by Boston in the 13th round, and Dan Black (2007-Purdue) was drafted in the 14th round by the Chicago White Sox.

Dan Kazrowski (Hamline University), 2008 League MVP, was drafted by the Diamondbacks. The 2nd/SS went in the 26th round.

Day 3 is the last day of the draft which begins at 10:30 AM tomorrow (Thursday) morning.

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