Sunday, March 2, 2008


Thirty-six (36) Dans finished the 07’ season playing professional ball at all levels in the systems listed below. As soon as the regular season begins and assignments are made, we will begin 08’ updates.
* indicates Major League Baseball or MLB alumni. ** players invited to MLB spring training camp. All others – minor league.

Chris Michalak (Dans 1992-Notre Dame) Washington *
Jon Knott (Dans 1999- Miss State) Orioles (Twins 08) *
Randy Ruiz (Dans 1999-Believue) Twins **
Shane Youman (Dans 2000-LSU) Pirates (Phillies 08) *
Jon Armitage (Dans 2000-Georgia) Texas Heat (Independent)
Jon Papelbon (Dans 2001-Miss. State) Boston Red Sox *
Eric Stults (Dans 2001-Bethel) Los Angeles Dodgers *
Matt Tolbert (Dans 2001-Ole’ Miss) Twins **
Anthony Cupps (Dans 2002-Ole Miss) Arizona
J.C. Holt (Dans 2002-Ole’ Miss) Braves
Van Pope (Dans 2003-Ole’Miss) Braves
Steve Spurgeon (Dans 2003-Pacific) White Sox
Matt Daley (Dans 2003-Bucknell) Rockies
Jeremy Jirschele (Dans 2003-Univ of Wisconsin-Oshkosh) Royals
Korey Feiner (2003-Univ of Wisconsin-Oshkosh) Twins
Ty Davis (Dans 2004-Vanderbilt) Arizona
Jeffrey Rea (Dans 2004-Miss State) Cubs
Brian Cartie (Dans 2004-McNeese State-Baylor) St. Louis
Paul Coleman (Dans 2004-Pepperdine) Dodgers
Steve Hammond (Dans 2004-Sac City) Brewers
Matt Czimskey (Dans 2004-Baylor) Brewers
Chris Coghlan (Dans 2004-Ole’Miss) Marlins **
Jordan Abruzzo (Dans 2004-San Diego) Mets
Nate Bowman (Dans 2004-San Diego)– Angels
Josh Johnson (Dans 2004-Miss State) Tampa Bay
Danny Worth (Dans 2005-Pepperdine) Detroit **
Jordan Powell (Dans 2005-DACC-Southern IL) Astros
Justin Snyder (Dans 2005-San Diego) Yankees
Mitch Moreland (Dans 2005-Miss State) Rangers
Dan Sattler (Dans 2005-Purdue) Texas
Wes Roemer (Dans 2005-Cal State Fullerton ) Arizona **
Dusty Napoleon (Dans 2005-Univ of Iowa) Oakland
David Dinelli (Dans 2006-Sierra) Astros
Wynn Diggs (Dans 2006-Miss State) San Angelo Colts (Independent)
Jason Anderson (Dans 1998/1999-Illinois) Phillies
Darryl Hall (Dans 2001/2002-Ole’ Miss) Pensacola Pelicans (Independent)

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